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FleetCards USA Launches a New Trends Advisory Council; FleetCards TrendWatch

by Robert Darnall | Oct 28, 2008
ATLANTA, U.S.A. – October 28, 2008 – FleetCards USA, a fleet card industry expert that acts as a trusted advisor in matching fleet cards to small and medium sized businesses, announced the launch of a new trends advisory council entitled FleetCards TrendWatch.

“The dynamics of the fleet card industry have changed tremendously and the industry itself has grown exponentially over the past decade in the US,” said Mike Noles, president of FleetCards USA. “Our new FleetCards TrendWatch council will examine the influences and effects that most impact the American fleet card business and will serve as a valuable resource for our industry.”

FleetCards USA is best known for its multi-channel approach to the market that places the website as the cornerstone.  The website acts as a hub of information for fleet card news, offering an array of the industry’s fleet fuel card programs to support businesses small and large.  The new FleetCards TrendWatch council, composed of seasoned industry experts, will complement FleetCards USA’s knowledge base by identifying new and upcoming trends, articulating them to the industry and folding its learnings into FleetCards USA’s key offerings.

The new FleetCards TrendWatch council will include the following fleet card industry’s veterans: Mike Noles, Paul Citarella, Lauren Harshaw and Raquel Elie.

Mike Noles, President of FleetCards USA, brings more than 25 years of experience in the financial services and credit card industry to the FleetCards TrendWatch council.  Prior to joining FleetCards USA, he led the development of the Business Credit Card divisions at Chase Card Services and Advanta Business Services, creating innovative card-based products for the small business market.  Through the FleetCards TrendWatch council, Noles will provide insightful commentary on the US fleet card landscape and offer solid advice on what can help or hinder customers’ businesses.

Paul Citarella, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FleetCards USA, manages the sales channels and overall brand marketing for the company.  Bringing his years of experience in the payment industry, Citarella will work with the council to first identify the needs of the industry and then respond by leading the development of new support initiatives for FleetCards USA.  

Lauren Harshaw, Marketing Director for FleetCards USA, who lead the development of the new website, brings traditional and nontraditional marketing experience to the council. With impressive credentials from various national and global companies, Harshaw represents the voice of the fleet card industry, and its growing need for fleet fuel savings and fleet management assistance.   

Raquel Elie, Marketing Director with FleetCards USA, leads FleetCards USA from an online perspective. While monitoring industry trends, Elie has addressed and implemented various improvements for the company’s website, ultimately assisting with the rapid online growth in the fleet card industry.  With Elie’s wealth of eCommerce and internet account acquisition experience for major banking corporations, she will act as the FleetCards Trendwatch online expert and report relevant business news and key fleet card developments to the council.  

“These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and specialized expertise from their marketing, sales and internet operations backgrounds to the trends advisory council,” adds Noles.  “With their strategic vision, this council will delve deeper into the issues facing our industry today, in order to provide an all-encompassing approach to developing further insights that can help fleet card programs serve their customers.”

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