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FleetCards USA is excited to provide you with the FleetCards USA Fuel Savings Calculator!  

In 3 quick steps, the Fleet Cards Fuel Savings Calculator instantly shows potential annual savings when using a fleet fuel card. The Fuel Savings Calculator is also a great tool for those already using a fleet card management program.  But FleetCards USA also encourages existing fleet card users to enter their company’s data and compare the expected annual fuel savings with their current savings.  If there is a big difference then it is possible that they are using the wrong fuel card system.

Try it out for yourself! Fleet Cards Fuel Savings Calculator and see how much your company could save by using a fleet gas card for your fleet fuel expenses.

The savings projected in the Fleet Cards Fuel Savings Calculator are solely based on a company using a fleet card as instructed. Versus the traditional gas card, fleet fuel cards offer customizable reporting and usage controls to better manage fleet expenses. FleetCards USA offers the top fleet fuel cards in the industry.