Personal Use of Fleet Vehicles Costs Arizona Agency $65,000+

Dec 02, 2009

The Southeastern Arizona Behavioral Health Services’ (SEABHS) fleet has seen unusually high operating and maintenance costs due to the fact that the agency’s employees treat their work vehicles as personal cars, according to the San Pedro Valley News-Sun.


Mercelino Varona, a new member to the board, said not one of the company vehicles is labeled “for company use only” or has the SEABHS logo.

The SEABHS vehicle fleet is costing the agency more than $650,000 a year for maintenance and purchases, reported the Sun. Records show fuel costs last year for SEABHS were $293,923. In addition, SEABHS records outlining the car purchases revealed 26 were bought at a discount through the Arizona Department of Transportation. The rest of the cars were purchased directly from car lots.


Board members criticized the fact that SEABHS has 119 vehicles, including cars and transportation vans – more than the entire City of Nogales, reported the Sun. Vehicles include a Dodge RamJeep LibertyDodge DakotaChevy Uplander, and Dodge Caravan, ranging from 1998 to 2008 model-years, but are mostly 2004 or newer.


Photo courtesy of byrdiegyrl under the Creative Commons License.