Satellite Cameras Latest Tool for Catching Speeders

Apr 27, 2010

Satellites are responsible for lots of things in our modern times.  They allow for worldwide communication, monitor and predict weather patterns, and even let you know where your next right turn is going to be as you drive to a dinner across town. But now, satellite technology is becoming yet another tool for catching speeders on our roadways.

The new cameras use a combination of plate-reading technology with GPS receivers to measure average speed over longer distances.  The new system is intended to cover a network of streets, rather than a straight line down a major thoroughfare.

The system is currently being tested in the United Kingdom, with hopes to deploy elsewhere at a later date. The “SpeedSpike” system, which calculates average speed between any two points in the network, has been developed by PIPS Technology Ltd, an American-owned company with a base in Hampshire, UK.

Officials hope for the new system to reduce speeding in residential areas and reduce avoidant behavior by speeders, such as leaving main roads to “beat the system.” 

Concerns have been voiced that such a system would add to already-prevalent government surveillance in the UK, although plate-recognition cameras are already prevalent even in the US.

Photo courtesy of cliff1066 under the Creative Commons License