FedEx Adds All-Electric Vehicles to Fleet

Mar 31, 2010

FedEx Corp. unveiled plans to expand its alternative-energy vehicle fleet with the company’s first all-electric parcel delivery trucks in the United States. 

Four purpose-built electric trucks are slated to hit the road in the Los Angeles area starting in June 2010, joining more than 1,800 alternative-energy vehicles already in service for FedEx around the world. 

“In 2004, we were the first global company to invest in hybrid-electric commercial trucks, and now we’re introducing the even cleaner all-electric parcel delivery truck,” said John Formisano, vice president of global vehicles for FedEx Express. “We’re making these investments, and invite others to join us, so that together we can speed the transition to a cleaner transportation system.” 

The trucks will be used for deliveries in the Los Angeles area and will help guide future FedEx vehicle purchases. 

FedEx currently operates the largest hybrid fleet in the transportation industry, along with one of the largest alternative energy vehicle fleets. The company said it is committed to improving its overall vehicle fuel efficiency 20 percent by 2020.

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Photo courtesy of shlala under the Creative Commons License