UPS Uses Smart Pickup to Save Fuel and Reduce Emissions

Mar 30, 2010

UPS has come up with a new cost-effective and “green” service strategy expected to eliminate 8 million miles from the total driven by UPS drivers each year in the U.S., save an estimated 793,000 gallons of fuel, and reduce CO2 emissions by 7,800 metric tons.

UPS Smart Pickup uses new UPS technology to ensure that a UPS driver stops at a customer location to pick up a package only when a package is, in fact, being shipped.

“Before UPS Smart Pickup, UPS would often arrive at a customer’s location only to discover that the customer had no packages for pickup that day,” said Chief Information Officer David Barnes. “For the first time, a UPS service integrates the company’s operational and customer-facing technology to eliminate unnecessary stops.” 

Customers use a UPS shipping system to process a package prior to a predetermined cutoff time. That shipping system then communicates with internal operations systems at UPS to notify drivers via their wireless, handheld computers that a pickup is required. A pickup is only scheduled when a customer processes a package in a UPS shipping system.

What measures is your fleet taking to cut down on waste and environmental impact?

Photo courtesy of MelvinSchlubman under the Creative Commons License