FedEx Applies GPS to Tracking

Nov 23, 2009

In the growing world of fleet telematics, location-based technologies are becoming more important than ever.  Now FedEx is joining the new electronic fleet era with a new tracking system for its customers.


To more precisely track individual shipments in transit, FedEx Corp. is rolling out a new service next year dubbed SenseAware, which will combine a GPS sensor device and a web-based collaboration platform in one package.  The new service will become available in the spring of 2010.


A small sensor placed inside of each package works as a multi-modal tracking and tracing solution that spans multiple transportation connections, providing customers with a real-time view of the location of their package and insight into the entire shipping process.


FedEx said it has received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration for SenseAware to be used during flight on FedEx aircraft and will allow FedEx customers to monitor in-transit conditions during the ground transportation leg of such shipments as well, such as precise temperature readings; a shipment’s exact location; when and if  a shipment is opened or if the contents have been exposed to light; plus real-time alerts regarding the above vital signs of a shipment.


“One of the basic needs we saw was a sensor-based logistics industry that wasn’t solidifying as quickly as we thought it should around useful sharing of sensor information,” said Robert Carter, FedEx executive VP & CIO. “We developed a point-of-view that sharing sensor information dynamically and in useful ways with supply chain partners proved too difficult, so we attacked this on a number of fronts and the result is SenseAware.”


Is your fleet making the most of telematics?



Photo courtesy of Drewski2112 underthe Creative Commons License.