GM to Offer In-Vehicle WiFi

Oct 29, 2009

General Motors will soon be making a wireless internet router as a dealer-installed option on select Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles.


The router, supplied by San Francisco-based Autonet Mobile, creates a mobile wi-fi hotspot that extends for 150 feet around and inside the vehicle, allowing anyone inside to use the internet.


Internet compatibility will first be offered only in GM’s vans, SUVs, crossovers and trucks.  The idea is that since these vehicles are more likely to carry whole families, passengers in the rear can use laptops and other devices while the driver uses the connection to stream internet radio.


“Ninety percent of customers prefer surfing the Internet over just watching movies,” Sterling Pratz, CEO of Autonet Mobile, said in a statement. “Customers want the biggest brands the Internet has to offer in their car, such as Facebook, YouTube and FlyCast Internet radio.”


Later, the device will be available in other vehicles with the intention of helping business users stay connected at all times.


Dealers will begin offering the package later this month, at a retail price of $499 for the unit and internet access for about $29 a month. The Autonet device comes with a docking station, meaning that it can be transferred from one GM car to another.


Autonet also supplies Internet routers for Chrysler, through its Mopar accessories unit, and Volkswagen.


Photo courtesy of sarnil under the Creative Commons License