Vehicle Theft Statistics for Small Fleets

Aug 25, 2009
Automotive Fleet’s latest report on vehicle theft sheds light on what is a common and incredibly frustrating problem for fleet managers and companies.

On average, fleets experience a loss of two vehicles per year to theft.  Just over half of fleets (53 percent) recover all of the stolen vehicles, but many fleets never recover their vehicles.  The financial loss incurred by stolen vehicles can take a serious toll on the bottom line of a small fleet.

Fleets are taking steps to prevent vehicle theft; many cars are equipped with alarm systems either from the manufacturer or installed after-market depending on the importance of the cargo.  Not all fleets can afford to equip their vehicles with alarm systems, which can be costly.  Some fleets even pass on installing alarms because the cost of equipping them is greater than the amount they would lose from vehicle theft.

So what is the best way for you to prevent theft in your fleet?  Automotive Fleet offers these suggestions:
  • Do not leave vehicles and/or company equipment unsecured.
  • Install alarms on vehicles with sensitive equipment.
  • Designate specific parking areas.
  • Request drivers remove valuable items from eyesight. One option is placing these items in the vehicle trunk.
  • Instruct drivers to lock vehicles at all times and park in well-lit, safe areas.
  • Install a GPS system in vehicles to track them in the event of theft.

Vehicle theft is on the rise over the past two years in commercial fleets, along with vandalism and practices such as fuel siphoning.  These consequences don’t just fall on fleet managers; in most fleets, drivers are responsible for their vehicles and any items left inside.  If theft is a result of negligence, drivers can quickly be terminated.  New vehicles are not the only targets for theft, and all vehicles should be carefully monitored and protected to keep your fleet safe and secure.

Photo courtesy of kowitz under the Creative Commons License.