Finding the Perfect Vehicle for Your Fleet

Jul 29, 2009
When deciding which vehicles your business will use, the possibilities are endless.  In the auto market, there is truly something for everyone, and that kind of selection can be a bit intimidating for business owners who want to get the most out of their fleet.  That’s why we have taken this time to highlight the most important things to consider when choosing your fleet vehicles.

-The Right Car For The Job

Choose a vehicle size that suits your business’ needs.  If you are a remodeling company constantly hauling lumber from one side of town to the other, you will definitely need a larger truck or van to get the job done. The same large vehicle may be a waste of space and gas money for a consulting firm, so don’t go too big if you don’t have to.

-Count on It

Find a car that you can rely on. Check the vehicle history report for any previous accidents, and keep an eye on the mileage of older vehicles.  Stick to models well-known for their reliability that are affordable to repair if should they ever need it.  And if you’re sill not sure, have the vehicle inspected before you buy it.  Finding a reliable vehicle means you will never have to worry about losing precious time to repairs.

-Safety First

The safety of drivers is the highest priority in commercial driving.  Make sure your drivers are protected by seeking out models with excellent safety ratings.  Make sure the car has all of its airbags in working order and that no previous body work has lessened the vehicle’s structural integrity.  Your drivers will thank you.

-The Right Look

Think about the way you want people to perceive your business when they look at your vehicles.  Larger vehicles allow for signage to be incorporated into them, while a smaller, sportier car will showcase a more laid-back business attitude.  Remember that your vehicles say a lot about the way you see your business and will leave a lasting impression on your customers. And finally…

-Go With the Flow

Choose the vehicle that feels right for you.  If you have had great experiences in the past with a particular vehicle and want another one of the same, go for it.  If you prefer a little power over fuel efficiency, feel free.  After all, it’s your business and your choice.  Explore. Research. Sign up.  Take your time to find what you want.  You’ll be glad you did.

Photo courtesy of Vandelizer under the Creative Commons License