High Tailing It: Company Cars Used as Getaway Vehicles

Jul 21, 2009
Two different cases of company vehicles being stolen were reported this week.  The vehicles were used as getaway cars in Nebraska and Mississippi.

The vehicle recovered in Lexington, Nebraska had been stolen from a construction company in New York and was identified as stolen during a traffic stop.  It seems that the man driving the car had good reason to be so far away, as he was identified as one of the New York Parole Division’s most wanted men.  He and his female companion were arrested.  In Petal, Mississippi, a drug company’s vehicle was stolen after robbers stole prescription drugs from the employees.  The keys were given to the fleeing criminals by employees.  The vehicle was found abandoned in a nearby field and taken to impound.  This is not the first time criminals have targeted drug companies; since May two trucks full of pharmaceuticals have been stolen in Georgia.

Nothing is a bigger waste of money than losing a car…let this be a reminder to keep a close watch over company vehicles! For information on vehicle security, see tips here.