Son comes home from college with biodiesel idea for family business

Jun 26, 2009
Spencer Gordon went away to college and came back with an idea that would transform the Gordon family business, according to the

John Gordon, 56, Spencer’s father, was running his own business, Gordon Document Products, when he learned about biodiesel from his son.

At first the Gordon’s powered their small fleet of five office machine business trucks on biodiesel, with the idea to make them a greener company. Then, the fuel for their business grew into another business altogether, and they’re now producing biofuel 24 hours a day.

But they also stay busy collecting the waste oils needed to produce their product. A story on Mother Nature Network reported that the Gordons routinely travel to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport (food courts) to pick up loads of fry grease; and Popeyes kicks in at least 40 gallons of waste oil every two days.

Now in its second year, Perfect Circle Renewable Energy is expected to produce 50,000 gallons of biodiesel for Atlanta-area commercial fleets in 2009, including Gordon Document Products. Next year, the goal is 225,000 gallons.

The AJC article stated that the federal government currently offers a $1 per gallon tax credit to companies that use biodiesel, and there are 176 American biodiesel producers in the U.S.