Nitrogen Tire Inflation Becoming Available to Fleets

Jun 26, 2009
Nitrogen gas is steadily overtaking standard air when it comes to inflating tires for your vehicles, and one Phoenix based company is now offering their services to companies with fleets and the trucking industry.

In an article posted on The Auto Channel, NitrogenMan just completed installation for Safeway grocery stores to fill their vehicles with nitrogen.  Tests, on tires filled with nitrogen, have shown it improves handling, fuel efficiency, and up to a 40% longer tread life.

Because Nitrogen is an inert, dry gas, it allows the tire to run cooler than with normal air, which creates a more consistent tire pressure, despite the weather outside.  In turn, tests show this reduces the need for maintenance and the possibility of a blowout on the road.

The Auto Channel
also reports that industry studies found that “Nitrogen-inflated tires can increase fuel economy by between 4 and 10%.”

, which is one of the NitrogenMan’s first major clients, plans on completing the conversion of the grocery store’s fleet of 320 trailers and 80 tractors by August.

Nitrogen tire inflation has not only seen an increase with truck fleets, but also with auto dealers offering the service on new car purchases.

For more information on Nitrogen inflation, check out the full article here.