Lost Art of C-B Lingo: U-W

Jun 23, 2009
We took a little a little time off from our CB dictionary so we could gas up for the final stretch home, but we’re back and ready to help our fellow fleet managers wrap up the last few letters of the alphabet in the CB lingo language lesson.  So put the pedal to the metal as we barrel through the letters U-V-W:


U.C.B.T.A. – United CB Truckers Association

Ungowa Bwana – O.K.

Uncle Charlie – FCC

Use the Jake – Slow down


Valve -Tube

V.F.O. – Variable Frequency Oscillator

VOX – Voice operated relay. Allows the operator to transmit with the sound of his voice, rather than using a microphone push-to-talk switch.


Walking in here blowing smoke – Clear signal.

Wall-to-wall bears – Police are everywhere.

Warden – The wife, the FCC

Watch the pavement – Drive safely

Watch your donkey – Police are coming up behind you.

Water hole – Truck stop

Wear your bumper out – Following too close.

What’s your twenty? – What is your location?

Wilco Roger – affirmative.

Wind Jammer – A long winded CB’er

Work Twenty – Place of employment.

Check back with us next week when we reach our destination with the letters X-Y-Z, or you can get a dictionary full of terms from the book, Woody’s World of CB.

10-4 from Hotlanta