Don’t Smile for the Camera At the DMV

Jun 18, 2009
Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada and Virginia are among four states whose DMV’s are now requiring people to refrain from smiling for their driver’s license photo.

The software is used to prevent identity theft and in an article posted by the USA Today, the state of Illinois has credited the process with preventing at least 6,000 people from getting fraudulent licenses since 1999.
The four states picking enforcing the no-smile policy are doing so  because a smile makes it harder for face-recognition software to compare the new license photo with other DMV database photography and can slow down law enforcement efforts.
Since it’s introduction in 1999, the software has proven to be less effective when facial expressions differ in each photo and that a dull facial expressions will ultimately make the process of comparing photos more accurate.

31 states across the U.S. currently use the system, but only the four mentioned are asking drivers to keep from smiling for the camera.

Say cheese.

Photo copyright of chadmagiera under the Creative Commons License