City of Tampa audits its 3,000-vehicle fleet for cost savings

Jun 17, 2009
Valued at $124 million, the fleet doesn’t include fuel and maintenance

Like any other major metropolitan city, Tampa has a sizable fleet of city-owned cars, trucks and SUVs to operate, maintain and fuel daily. It also has a sizable deficit largely because of it.

The Tampa Tribune
reported that the cost of maintaining the 3,000-vehicle fleet by the bay is more than partially to blame for being $52 million in the red for next year’s budget.

City leaders find themselves asking questions similar to those being addressed by small business owners in cities across the U.S.: Should the fleet be reorganized or downsized?

Mercury Associates
, a consulting firm, was hired by the city to take a closer look at the fleet in search of saving Tampa and its taxpayers some money on the $124 million fleet, which according to the article, doesn’t include the millions spent on fuel and routine maintenance each year. Which as you know, can add up fast.

“With the fiscal constraints we are under, we need to have the right sized fleet,”
Public Works director Irvin Lee said.

The study will cost $100,000 and should be completed in a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome.