Gov’t Begins Replacing Federal Fleet with $210 Million in Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Jun 17, 2009
Well, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors sold some vehicles this month. The Big Three received a substantial order on June 1 from one big spending customer — the United States Federal Government.

GSA’s official press release stated that The U.S. General Services Administration purchased $210 million of new fuel efficient vehicles, with the goal that each new vehicle will replace an older, less efficient one in the federal fleet.

The agency ordered 14,105 fuel efficient vehicles with $210 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), bringing the total number of fuel efficient vehicles ordered by GSA using ARRA funds to 17,205 at a cost of $287 million. The breakdown includes:

2,933 Chrysler vehicles for $53 million

7,924 Ford vehicles for $129 million

6,348 General Motors vehicles for $105 million

By September 30, 2009, another $15 million will be spent on advanced technology federal buses and electric vehicles.

“GSA is committed to spending Recovery dollars quickly and wisely,” said Commissioner James A. Williams of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service. “Simultaneously, we are focused on acquiring vehicles that will provide long-term environmental benefits and savings by increasing the fuel efficiency of the Federal fleet.”

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