Find the Cheapest Gas Prices Online

Apr 29, 2009

Know before you go to save money by finding the lowest gas prices

Gas prices change not only from day-to-day, but from station-to-station. The price can vary by as much as 20% within a few blocks.

By knowing what the average price of gas is in your area, you can pass this information along to your drivers so they don’t fill up on the most expensive gas when a cheaper station is just a few blocks away. Make sure your guys have a fleet card with universal acceptance so they can take advantage of the lowest prices no matter what station they are at.Bookmark the following sites so you’ll be able to quickly and easily find the cheapest prices in your area:

  • Find the day’s highest and lowest prices by entering your zip code or clicking on the interactive map. GasBuddy can also tell you historical prices, calculate the cost of your route and let you know if prices in your area are on the rise or falling.
  • Each night MSN Autos analyzes gas prices from more then 90,000 gas stations nation-wide. Enter in your zip code and MSN will tell you the average price for gas in your area, as well as the area’s highs and lows. You’ll get a complete list of prices by station and fuel grade.
  • AAA: Similar to GasBuddy and MSNAutos, simply enter in your zip code and get a list of gas prices in your area.
  • You can perform a basic zip code search to find the cheapest gas, but we also like how you can also search by intersection or specific station brand.

Whichever site you use, it’s important to know what the average price is in your area and to pass it along to your drivers so they’ll know a good deal when they see one and to keep on truckin’ when prices are too high.

Help us add to this list: which sites do you use to find the lowest gas prices?

Photo copyright of riza under the Creative Commons license