Companies Respond to NSC Distracted Driving Resource Kit

Apr 23, 2009
The National Safety Council recently released a kit that helps companies create internal policies that encourage safe driving and since early March of this year have sold more than 200 of them to companies across the country.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that 80 percent of all collisions are the result of driver inattention and one of the main causes of distraction is cell phone use.

The cost in life, lost work time due to injury and in terms of dollars, has forced companies to take a closer look driving habits of employees, as well as other drivers on the road. The NSC’s kit called the Distracted Driving Resource Kit helps employers educate drivers on the risks of using cell phones and other hand held devices while driving.

The kit helps companies implement policies using a realistic timeline and is made available on CD and includes: A “call to action” for a distracted driving policy, an informational article on the risks associated with distracted driving, the top ten reasons for a no-cell driving policy, posters for the workplace, tips for distraction-free driving, a training program on distracted driving and Distracted Driving Safety pamphlets.

The Distracted Driving Resource Kit costs $39.95 for NSC members and $49.95 for non-members. More information is available at