Series: The Lost Art of CB Lingo

Mar 30, 2009

Note from the Editor: This is the first in a 13-part series on the Lost Art of CB Lingo. Each Friday, we’ll cover two new letters in the alphabet and their corresponding terms. Check back each Friday for new updates. 10-4!

In this day of two-way radios, cell phones and global tracking system systems, we are in danger of losing a true American treasure – CB lingo. Over the next few weeks, check in on our dictionary of terms and phrases that will either have the drivers in your fleet admire your ability to “brush your teeth and comb your hair” (radar trap ahead), or they’ll just think you’ve gone crazy. Starting with A-B, here are some of our favorites:


ACE – Important CB’er

AF – Audio Frequency

All the good numbers -Best wishes.

Alligator-Tread from the tire of an 18 wheeler on the road

Alligator Station -All mouth and no ears. A person who likes to talk just to hear himself.

Amigo -Friend

Ankle biter- Small child or annoying teenager

Antler Alley -Deer crossing


Baby Bear- Cop in training, or rookie

Back off the hammer -Slow down

Bean House Bull -Trucker talk exchanged at truck stops, eyeball-to-eyeball

Bear Bait -Speeding car

Bearmobile- Police car

Breaker-Breaker -Same as break. Also the title of Chuck Norris’s first mainstream movie.

Bring it back -Answer back

Bring yourself on it- Request to move into the right lane

Brown paper bag -Unmarked Police car

Bubble gum machine- Flashing lights on top of car

Bucket Mouth- Loudmouth, or someone who uses a lot of profanity.

Bucket of bolts -Eighteen wheeler

Check back with us from time to time as we make our way through the alphabet, or you can get a dictionary full of terms from the book Woody’s World of CB.

10-4 Rubber Duckie

Photo copyright of Dave Smith