President Obama “Kicks Tires” of First Plug-In Hybrid Electric Utility Fleet Truck

Mar 30, 2009

The president recently got a sneak peek at the world’s first plug-in hybridelectric utility truck  with a power system  developed by Eaton  Corporation and the Electric  Power Research Institute in  Pomona, Calif., according to  a press release  on

The entire system can be  recharged by plugging it    into a standard 120- or 240-volt electrical outlet (provided you’re near one on the job), supplementing engine power and enough alternative juice to operate its traditional heavy-duty boom. And it’s estimated to boost fuel economy of up to 70%, compared to gas-only trucks.

This is the first of five trucks based on a Ford F-550 chassis that will be provided by Eaton, EPRI and Ford to public and private utility fleets.

Eaton’s client, Southern California Edison, commissioned the technology and operates the largest private fleet of electric vehicles in the nation, having driven more than 17 million miles on electric power.

No word yet on plans for a plug-in presidential limo service.