Diesel Prices Continue Their Roller Coaster Ride

Mar 30, 2009
Diesel prices continue to move at a roller coaster pace, up one moment and down the next. At this moment, they are unfortunately on the up.

Diesel prices reached their frenzied peak at July and have steadily fallen since until this week, where the national average shot up by seven cents. A gallon of fuel will now cost you $2.09.

Prices rose in every region except for New England, which was already at a higher then average price and remained unchanged. Those in the Gulf Coast saw the biggest leap when diesel jumped from $1.973 to $2.06, an 8.7 cent increase.

The reason for the increase? The price of crude oil rose due to better economic news that has experts hoping will increase demand.

While it’s good to finally hear positive news about the economy, let’s hope that we never return to the days of over $4 a gallon.

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