Smile, You May Be on Camera!

Mar 27, 2009
In the US, red light cameras are used in more than 400 communities and speed cameras are used in more than 40 jurisdictions.  If your drivers travels across different states, you will want to make sure they are aware of the laws in these states they travel.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently introduced interactive maps of the United States

that show the different state laws in an easy-to-read, illustrated format.

Before your drivers hit the road, have them check to see if they’re going through a state that uses red light and speed cameras so they—or you—don’t get fined. These new maps will clearly show which states have these laws, and will detail what violations they record, who will be liable for the infraction and even tell you how much you will be fined for breaking the law.

These maps aren’t intended to let you know where you can speed and where you can’t; rather, they are designed to keep safety in mind for your drivers and the others on the road.

IIHS will be rolling out additional interactive maps in the near future, so be sure to check back here for updates.

Click here
to view the maps