Pressure Points

Mar 27, 2009

Improve safety and save money on your fleet

Did you know that the maintaining the right tire pressure can save you about two weeks worth of fuel a year?

Fleet Equipment
posted an article back in 2005 that may have even more relevance today, discussing the importance of keeping the tires on your commercial trucks properly inflated.

While it’s sometimes easier said than done, just having your fleet drivers follow a few simple steps could help save your company a lot of money at the pump and even more when it comes to maintenance:

  1. Make sure your drivers have an accurate pressure gauge and check the tires on their truck each day.
  2. Give every tire on your truck a quick inspection prior to operation.
  3. If you’re changing a tire, make sure to use a safety cage when inflating tires after mounting.
  4. Avoid mixing tires types on your vehicle.
  5. More extensive tire repair and service should be done by trained mechanics.
  6. If a tire has been running at less than 80 percent of the recommended pressure, always dismount and inspect that tire before putting it back on the road.
  7. Driving on a flat tire dual can cause irreparable damage to both tires because of the increased load the inflated tire must carry.

Keep this guide of handy and make it a regular practice and maybe some of those calls you get off of those “how’s my driving?” bumper stickers will just be to compliment you on how good those tires look.

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