Driving business while driving

Mar 26, 2009

Turning your fleet into a moving billboard

Few small businesses these days have the cash flow to spend lavishly on local advertising, let alone immeasurable mass media. It turns out, the best use of your ad dollars may be capitalizing on the media you already have: your fleet.

Let’s say two fleet vehicles pull up to a stoplight side-by-side. One has eye-catching signage advertising your business. The other is plain white. A recent report in Fleet Financials suggests 90% of drivers will notice the first vehicle’s signage, and surprisingly 75% of them will develop an impression of that company based solely on what it says and how it looks (and how the vehicle is being operated).

It goes on to say that a single vehicle with the right signage can collect more than 8 million impressions a year.

So what works?

Simple sells. Bright colors. Easy-to-read fonts. Who you are. What you do. Phone number and Web site. Or try this: Hold your business card out in front of you. Now move it across your line of vision. Can you still read it? If not, consider what would make it more legible and apply the thinking to a moving billboard.

“Everywhere I park, people will walk up and ask for a business card. I don’t bother advertising any other way,” declares Tony Gallina, president and CEO of The Green Mop, a house and office cleaning service headquartered in Arlington, Va.

Did he invest $4,000 car wrap with neon lights and a flashy LED license plate? Nope. The article reveals Gallina’s secret to success: a couple 12×24-inch door magnets and 3×3-inch stickers for the rear window — all customized online in about 30 minutes.

To read more, visit Fleet Financials.

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