Wholesale Supply to Push Fuel Prices Up

Oct 13, 2011
It seems that the recent drop in gas prices in many parts of the country may be coming to an end, as changes in the market are likely to increase prices in the near future. Wholesale prices have seen dramatic increases in the past couple of days, with some markets back above $3.00 per gallon.


With supplies tightening and rising wholesale prices, drivers should expect to see a bounce in retail prices over the coming weeks. Many experts believe that prices will remain relatively high through the rest of the year.


As winter approaches, the annual relief from high summer gas prices may be a bit late in coming. Prepare your fleet for more high prices this winter by taking a good look at your practices and using good fuel management techniques!
  • Control your costs by keeping track of purchases
  • Eliminate unnecessary or fraudulent spending
  • Cut down on administrative time
And remember, you can do all three with a fleet card!
Photo courtesy of Images Money and re-used under the Creative Commons license.