Chrysler Streamlines; Grand Caravan a Casualty

Oct 12, 2011
If your fleet is partial to Chrysler vehicles, you may want to make sure you’re not about to lose your favorite model…
As part of a plan to end duplication in dealer showrooms and give each of its brands a strong and distinctive lineup, Chrysler Group LLC will discontinue several models in the coming years. The much-loved Grand Caravan will be one of those eliminated – replaced by the Chrysler Town & Country.


The Grand Caravan minivan and Avenger mid-sized sedan will be replaced by a single crossover in 2013. Both the Dodge crossover and a new Chrysler sedan to replace the 200 will be built on Fiat platforms.
"We cannot have the same type of vehicle in the showroom because the consumer is not stupid," Marchionne said. "We're not going to create the confusion and conflict in the showroom."


Further details of Chrysler’s new plan:


•    A second smaller Dodge crossover is planned to replace the current Journey. That vehicle will arrive after 2014.
•    Dodge will cover the compact segment with a four-door sedan, expected to debut at the Detroit auto show in January.
•    The next-generation full-sized minivan, due in 2014, will be offered only by the Chrysler brand.
•    Chrysler has decided against introducing a new subcompact, citing price concerns.

If any of your favorite models are on the chopping block, stock up now!

Photo courtesy of Andrea_44 and re-used under the Creative Commons license.