California Gov. Vetoes Texting Fine Bill

Sep 12, 2011

Texting and other “distracted driving” behaviors have become a major focus of safety organizations and government initiatives over the last few years. But now it seems that one state is starting to pull back on its commitment to the cause:

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed state senate Bill 28, which would have increased the fines for violating hands-free and no-texting laws, which would increase the fine for a first hands-free or texting while driving offense to $50 and to $100 for subsequent offenses. It would also have added a point to motorists’ driving records for subsequent offenses.

“I’m disappointed, but the governor gets the last word,” said California Senator Joe Simitian. “I understand and accept that. My job now is to figure out where do we go from here.”

California Highway Patrol data showed an immediate drop of 40-50 percent in the number of distracted driving accidents attributed to cell phones after the law went into effect.

Do you think that texting and driving needs to be regulated more strictly? What have you done to keep your drivers from getting distracted on the road?

Photo courtesy of Oregon DOT and re-used under the Creative Commons license.