Fleet Safety Tip: Flooding

Sep 02, 2011
car imgIn the wake of Hurricane Irene, devastating flooding has affected the Eastern seaboard. This week’s Automotive Fleet safety tip, courtesy of CBS News, is to help prepare your drivers for the potential for more flooding this hurricane season by knowing what to do in case your vehicle becomes submerged.

If you are in a vehicle that has fallen into water, take the following steps to make sure you get out safely:

- Don’t panic. You will use up a lot of energy and possibly make poor decisions. Stay calm and remain in your seat with your seat belt fastened.

- Leave the vehicle on and roll down the windows. This will make escape easier.

- Remain in your seat and wait for the car to submerge completely. Trying to climb out as water rushes in will be impossible, and water pressure will keep the doors from opening.

- Grab hold of the window frame to maintain orientation if the car begins to roll or flip.

- Once the car has submerged and completely filled with water, either open your door or exit through the window and swim to safety.

- Again: Do Not Panic. Keeping calm and following these steps will ensure that you escape to safety.

Photo courtesy of Brian Tomlinson and re-used under the Creative Commons license.