Gas Prices Rise for 5th Week in a Row

Aug 08, 2011
Gas price rise

The recent debt-reduction battle in Washington has sent ripples out through the economy, and fuel prices have been no exception. The U.S. Energy Information Administration‘s weekly update on retail gasoline and diesel prices shows the average retail price of gasoline has increased $3.71 per gallon, the 5th consecutive weekly increase. This price is $0.98 higher than at this same time last year.

The Midwest saw the largest price increase at 2 cents. The Rocky Mountains saw the same 2-cent increase but had the lowest overall price in the country at $3.55 per gallon. The average price on the U.S. East Coast was up 1 cent. On the West Coast, the price fell to $3.75 per gallon, at the highest average price in the country.

The average national diesel price dropped for the first time in a month to $3.94 per gallon. The diesel price is $1.01 per gallon higher than at this same time last year, with the biggest drop on the West Coast (4 cents).

With gas prices still unstable, make sure you’re managing your fleet’s fuel spending properly!


Photo courtesy of faceless b and re-used under the Creative Commons license.