UK Study: Overtaking at Speed Increases Collision Risk

Mar 03, 2011

Two lane straight roadA new study conducted in the United Kingdom shows that poor decision-making by many drivers has lead to severe consequences.  Make sure your fleet drivers know the importance of lawful and safe driving.


Almost half of drivers are overtaking at dangerous speeds on single carriageway rural roads with disregard for the consequences, research by Brake and Direct Line has revealed.

Of 942 drivers surveyed, 47% admit speeding at more than 60mph to overtake on country roads at least once in the past year, with 23% confessing doing this at least once a month. Incredibly, one in eight drivers also admit overtaking when they can't see what is coming in the opposite direction.

The results suggest that drivers continue to feel a false sense of security on rural roads, misguidedly believing that it is safe and enjoyable to drive at high speeds. In reality, drivers are much more likely to die on a rural road than any other type, with speed and overtaking major factors in causing deaths.

In Britain in 2009, 749 deaths occurred on undivided highways with a speed limit of 60mph - that's a third of all road deaths. Almost a third of people killed on single carriageways with a 60mph limit die in crashes where ‘exceeding the speed limit' and/or ‘traveling too fast for the conditions' are recorded as a factor by police at the scene. Last year an annual review of UK road risk found that the ten roads with the greatest concentration of fatal and serious crashes per kilometer are undivided highways.

[via FleetNews]

Photo courtesy of Sheila Scarborough and re-used under the Creative Commons license.