New Software Prevents Texting While Driving

Aug 02, 2010

With several states enacting bans aimed at stopping text messaging behind the wheel, new technology is becoming available to stop the problem at its root by keeping drivers from accessing their phones altogether, according to USA Today.

Manage Mobility, a technology company based in Alpharetta, GA, has announced a new partnership with Texas-based WebSafety, Inc. to provide technology for businesses and government agencies that will block the inhabitants of moving vehicles from accessing their mobile devices.  The aim of the new systems is to curb texting while driving entirely, since the existing bans are very difficult to enforce.

Several applications have been developed to prevent drivers from texting.  These applications utilize the GPS locators in most smartphones to determine whether the device is in a moving vehicle and blocks usage once the vehicle registers as going faster than 5 mph.  Ford Motor Company recently said that select 2011 models would include a “Do Not Disturb” feature that will block all incoming cellular transmissions at the push of a button.

Whether drivers will welcome or reject this new technology remains to be seen, but the dangers of distracted driving are a real threat that requires attention. "We believe that employers are becoming fully aware of the extension of liability" for crashes caused by employees texting while driving, said Rowland Day, CEO of WebSafety, Inc.

Photo courtesy of crickee and re-used under the Creative Commons license.