Majority of Vehicles Have Under-Inflated Tires

Jun 10, 2010

According to a recent survey conducted by the Rubber Manufacturers Association, 55 percent of vehicles in the United States have at least one under-inflated tire at any given time, and only one out of every six vehicles has all of its tires properly inflated.

The RMA’s findings showed that most of the offenders’ tires were only under-inflated by 4 psi (31 percent).  20 percent were under-inflated by 6 psi, and 15 percent showed at least one tire under-inflated by 8 psi.

While these numbers may seem troubling, they are actually a vast improvement over previous years’ studies.  The number of vehicles with four properly inflated tires nearly doubles compared to last year’s survey.

Proper tire inflation is an important issue for fleet operators.  Keeping your fleet’s tired properly inflated improves overall fuel efficiency by 3.3 percent and can save you up to nine cents per gallon in wasted fuel costs.  And fuel efficiency is not the only issue: the NHTSA estimates that under-inflated tires contribute to over 600 fatalities and 33,000 injuries each year.

Photo courtesy of Gavin St. Ours under the Creative Commons License