Ford Warns of Floor Mat Issues

Jun 07, 2010

In news strangely reminiscent of Toyota’s early woes with uncontrolled acceleration, Ford is having issues with its floor mats causing accelerator pedals to stick.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the issue in response to three independent consumer claims that their gas pedals became stuck in the depressed position by the floor mats in their 2010 Ford Fusions and Mercury Milans.  No crashes or injuries were reported.

The incidents in question involved aftermarket all-weather rubber floor mats installed in the vehicles. Ford spokesman Said Deep told the Associated Press that the problem arose because drivers had stacked the rubber all-weather mats on top of the carpeted floor mats that came with the vehicles. Ford’s all-weather mats have warnings advising vehicle owners never to pile floor mats and to be sure to secure floor mats properly to the floor. If the mats move, they could trap the throttle open.

This does not imply that Ford’s vehicles themselves are having acceleration issues, but make sure that your vehicles do not have unsecured or stacked floor mats to prevent similar issues.