Plastic Van Partition Increases Efficiency, Saves Money

May 18, 2010

In an economy that stretches every dollar budgeted to support a business, the Chameleon 2000 is offering fleet owners relief in one the most expensive areas – fuel. The cargo van partition, with its high density ABS thermoformed plastic construction, was found by the U.S. Department of Energy to save fleets an estimated 2.5 percent on fuel economy, lifting weight from the vehicle.

The Chameleon 2000 is an energy-saving take on the traditional work van partition. With a final product weight totaling approximately 30 pounds, the Chameleon 2000 represents a more than 100-pound weight reduction from its metal counterparts. In addition to its fuel saving capabilities attributed to a lighter construction, the Chameleon 2000 also boasts green qualities – it is 100 percent recyclable and made from recycled materials, which will not corrode or rattle like a steel partition.

Along with its ABS plastic make up, the partition also features a polycarbonate window, which allows for an unobstructed view, and a console, designed to house a laptop computer between the front seats while creating a hollow extension in the cargo area to fully stow longer items and eliminate the need for external racks.  In addition to the partition’s green construction and fuel-saving energy efficiency, the Chameleon 2000’s tight seal and impeccable sizing allows for rapid heating and cooling of the front passenger area.  This prevents strain on the vehicle’s temperature control systems, as well as reduces cabin noise, fumes and driver fatigue.

In addition, the Chameleon 2000’s construction provides added safety for the driver and passenger from potentially flying objects and creates a secure area when used for law enforcement applications, such as Homeland Security, Border Patrol and Corrections.  Telephone and cable companies, municipalities, general trade contractors and delivery services also have benefitted from the use of the Chameleon 2000.

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Photo courtesy of CC-BY-CarImages under the Creative Commons License