Port of L.A. Proposes Reducing Tariffs for EVs

May 13, 2010

Officials for the Port of Los Angeles have announced that they are pursuing a plan to offer a discount on international tariffs for zero-emission vehicles imported into the U.S. via the port. 

The reduced fees were proposed in April when Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto Co. Ltd. announced that it would be building its North American headquarters in Los Angeles and using the city’s port to import its vehicles.  The deal could be an important boost to California’s suffering economy, and the city is eager to please its new partner.

“This unique tariff incentive will become an important business opportunity for port customers,” added Port Executive Director Geraldine Knatz. “The city has leveraged many of its resources to bring BYD to Los Angeles. The port is proud to play a key role in this effort and in the mayor’s overall strategy of finding new ways to advance L.A.’s position as an emerging hub for clean tech industries.” 

The proposal is for a 15 percent reduction of wharfage rate for battery-powered electric vehicle shipments.  The port hopes to pass the measure through the appropriate channels and have the new rates in place by September of this year.

BYD’s Los Angeles headquarters will be responsible for sales, marketing and research and development for its automobiles and energy products, which include solar panels, LED lighting systems and other renewable products.

Photo courtesy of jdnx under the Creative Commons License