Camera System Identifies 28 Million “Risky Behavior” Incidents

May 11, 2010

Twenty-eight million risky driving events have been captured on video using an in-vehicle camera system.

SmartDrive Systems announced it topped the 28-million mark in the number of risky driving events captured by itsin-vehicle SmartRecorder,used by professional fleets and corporations to improve driver performance,reduce accident claims, and save lives.

Risky driving includes fundamental driving errors – everything from failure to yield and incomplete stop at a stop sign, to unsafe lane changing and following at an unsafe distance. It also encompasses distracted or inattentive driving such as driving while talking on a mobile phone, texting, smoking or driver fatigue.

When triggered by speeding, erratic maneuvers, or driver activation, the SmartRecorder saves 30 seconds of video and audio, as well as GPS location, speed, and other accelerometer and vehicle computer data no other solution captures this breadth of data for each event. This multi-dimensional information allows the company to identify the root cause of incidents. Where as accelerometer data can detect hard braking or sudden swerves, it cannot pinpoint why the events happened – only a comprehensive solution which incorporates video, audio and other input can reveal the full event picture.

Make sure your drivers know about good driving habits and are trained to avoid risky behavior.  You may want to pass this along as a reminder!

[via AutomotiveFleet]

Photo courtesy of Chrislyb under the Creative Commons License