Texting Bans Continue Growing in U.S.

May 03, 2010

As the fight againstdistracted driving gathers steam in state legislatures across the country, moreand more states are working to ban text messaging while behind the wheel of anyvehicle:

Wisconsinpassed a measure last week that prohibits all e-mailing and texting whileoperating a motor vehicle.  When signed into law, the ban will go intoeffect in seven months.

Floridais working on a bill to curb distracted driving habits, but a vote will not beconducted this year.  Finance and Tax Council Chairwoman Ellyn Bogdanoffhas called the existing bill “intellectually dishonest” and will not reconsiderscheduling a hearing until a more comprehensive plan for eliminating a widerrange of distractions is introduced.

Michiganis in the process of passing a texting ban that is held up due to disputes overthe appropriation of funds from fines to offenders.  Other fees must bemodified or eliminated before the state Senate can come to an agreement.

Do you think that distracteddriving is becoming too much of a focus?  Or are states not doing enoughto save lives on our roads?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what youthink.

Photo courtesy of TimWilsonunder the Creative CommonsLicense