Auto Fleet Sales on the Rise

May 03, 2010

Perhaps a sign that the economy may suddenly be turning around for the fleet sector,

U.S. fleet sales rallied in the first quarter of 2010, increasing by 47 percent over Q4 2009. 

As the economy improves across the board, money is finally beginning to find its way back to large fleet purchasers such as rental car fleets, government agencies, and construction companies.  Now these businesses are getting back on their feet and purchasing new fleet vehicles.

And the news gets even better from there; automakers are expecting sales figures to continue rising.  Ford Motor Company America President Mark Fields said that his company expects a continued increase in fleet sales, though government fleet spending will probably level off long before any other areas.

J.D. Power analyst Jeff Schuster commented that poor sales figures last year are driving this year’s increased income. 

More importantly, this positive change in sales numbers reveals that the fleet industry is dedicated to stimulating their own businesses as well as keeping their vehicles up-to-date and more efficient.  While the hard economic times may not fully pass for years to come, fleets can remain confident that their hard work is being rewarded.