Lifebelt Makes Seatbelt Use a Must

Apr 22, 2010

We all know that seat belts are important.  About half of the people killed in motor vehicle accidents each year could be saved by wearing a seat belt.  And while most polls show that people agree seat belts are a good idea, only about 83 percent actually use them.

In an effort to make seat belts more of a necessity than an option, one company is making them an integral part of vehicle operation.  Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, Lifebelt is a safety belt monitoring system that disables certain features in an automobile if passengers are not buckled up.

Once installed, the Lifebelt system will not allow the equipped vehicle to start until the driver’s seat belt is fastened.  If anyone in the car unbuckles their belt while the car is running, the radio is shut off and a loud alarm plays until the belt is refastened.

Lifebelt can be installed in about 30 minutes and does not void any vehicle warranties if properly installed.

Photo courtesy of L. Marie under the Creative Commons License.