DUI-Convicted Driver Leads to Agency Audit

Apr 21, 2010

Allowing an alleged five-time drunk-driving offender to drive a company vehicle, along with misuse of funding, is noted in the state-directed audit of a Wisconsin-based nonprofit agency that led to the immediate dismissal of its executive director, reported the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune.

North Central Community Action Program, a nonprofit organization that assists low-income residents in Wood, Marathon and Lincoln counties, is facing scrutiny after a state-directed audit report called for the immediate dismissal of its executive director, Ron Schnyder.

In addition to the other problems noted in the audit, Schnyder did not take any apparent disciplinary action against an employee who was convicted of fifth-offense drunken driving for an Oct. 20 incident involving a company vehicle, according to the 21-page report. Instead, he allegedly signed a responsibility agreement for law enforcement to release both the employee — who previously had served more than five years in prison for a 1992 drunken driving crash that killed a 9-year-old girl — and the vehicle into his custody, according to the Tribune.

Aside from that, the audit found organization money was used for the purchase of cell-phone ring tones, the payment of fines to halt arrest warrants, drunken driving assessments, and the payment of an employee’s mortgage.

Allowing repeat-offending drunk drivers to operate fleet vehicles is not only irresponsible, but incredibly dangerous.  Make sure your drivers understand that their jobs can be on the line for any legal problems and keep your community safe.

Photo courtesy of stevendamron under the Creative Commons License