Hero Truck Driver Saves Girl’s Life

Apr 16, 2010

Here’s a little feel-good story from the fleet world!

When Werner Enterprises truck driver Dave Nelson decided to help a stranded motorist on Feb. 10, he saved the life of a seven-year-old girl. 

Vicki Carter and her mother, Pam, were traveling along I-20 near Birmingham, Ala., on the way to pick up father and husband Air Force Capt. Ryan Carter in Texas when their car ran off the road and hit a sign. Pam jumped out of the car and tried to flag down help for her daughter. Only Nelson stopped. 

“She was literally out in the road,” Nelson recalled. He moved Pam Carter to safety as she explained that her daughter was still in the car and needed help. 

Vicki was not breathing and had no pulse. Nelson asked permission from her mother to begin CPR, then swiftly pulled Vicki from the car and laid her on the ground on top of his coat. While performing the lifesaving steps, Nelson conversed with Pam Carter to keep her calm. He learned that Vicki had a heart murmur, just like his own daughter.  Nelson performed CPR until paramedics arrived. 

“It was so amazing to see this big trucker hold my little girl and do CPR. He kept me calm the whole time and the kindness he showed me really kept me together,” Pam recalled. 

“It seemed like forever,” Nelson said, “but they told me it was only about five minutes.” Once Vicki was safe with the rescue squad, he continued on his route toward Dallas. 

“Werner Enterprises is proud of Dave Nelson’s willingness to help others,” said Greg Werner, Werner Enterprises’ president and CEO. “His quick action and determination are very admirable and we couldn’t be more proud to have him on our team.”   

“Dave Nelson is the reason my baby is alive,” said Pam Carter. “He is a hero and a wonderful man whom we love and admire.” 

Photo courtesy of altheengineer under the Creative Commons License