Taxi Fleet Goes Green in San Francisco

Apr 01, 2010

More than half of the taxi cabs on the streets of San Francisco now run on cleaner fuels, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

After the city passed legislation about two years ago requiring taxicab companies to convert their fleets to hybrids and compressed natural gas vehicles, San Francisco is more than halfway to seeing 90 percent or more of its fleets running on alternative energy, Mayor Gavin Newsom announced March 22. Newsom says he has been “emphatic personally and professionally” about cleaning up San Francisco cabs.

Fifty-seven percent of San Francisco’s cabs are hybrids or compressed natural gas vehicles, Newsom said.

San Francisco has leveraged grants to offer to cab companies a $2,000 credit for every renewable-energy vehicle purchased, said Johanna Gregory Partin, director of climate protection initiatives for the Mayor’s Office. The grants, she acknowledged, are running low.  But the $2,000 credit is a boost for companies such as Yellow Cab, which is spending as much as $7,000 more to convert one vehicle.

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Photo courtesy of BenFredericson and used under the Creative Commons license.