Government Pushes for Federal Ban on Trucker Texting

Apr 01, 2010

The U.S. Transportation Department is proposing a ban on behind-the-wheel text messaging by interstate commercial truck and bus drivers.

The proposal seeks to make permanent an interim ban put in place in January by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. The ban would apply to drivers of interstate buses and trucks over 10,000 pounds. Truck and bus drivers who text while driving could be assessed civil or criminal penalties.

LaHood has been campaigning against texting and cell phone use while driving.

President Barack Obama signed an executive order last year directing federal employees not to text while driving government-owned vehicles or with government-owned equipment.

Distracted driving is a factor is 25 percent of reported accidents today.  By putting measures in place to combat texting behind the wheel, costly downtime and personal injury can more easily be avoided.  Make sure your drivers know that messages can wait for their next stop.

Photo courtesy of RennetStowe and used under the Creative Commons license.