Corporate Fleets Expected to Adopt EVs

Mar 15, 2010

Environmental Leader has some new insight on the future of the Electric Vehicle market in the United States, and the biggest boon for the burgeoning industry seems to be corporate fleets:

U.S. corporate fleets purchase about 300,000 vehicles a year, and they are expected to be among the steadiest customers of electric vehicles, including cargo vans, as they come to market.

Commercial trucks account for about 12 percent of miles driven but produce about 25 percent of all emissions, Scott Harrison, CEO of Azure Dynamics told the New York Times

Indeed, companies that make frequent deliveries are expected to be among the first customers for the Ford Transit Connect electric van:  Azure’s contracts include a contract to supply vehicles to a hybrid-only FedEx depot in the Bronx, as well as repeat orders from AT&T.

Ford unveiled the Transit Connect EV Feb. 10 at the Chicago Auto Show. It has a top speed of 75 miles per hour and can go about 80 miles on a charge.

Enova Systems Inc. and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. say they expect to roll out their all-electric delivery vehicles this year.

According to hybrid truck industry estimates, U.S. production of hybrid commercial trucks is expected to reach 4,850 units in 2010.

Photo courtesy of Adventures of Pam & Frank under the Creative Commons License.