Valentine’s Day Swamps Delivery Drivers

Feb 17, 2010

Valentine's Day is always a busy time for florists.  As thoughtful partners and, more often, forgetful spouses rush to buy flowers for their beloved, business predictably booms for bouquet barons.  But what happens when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, as it did this year?  Does the lack of surprise office deliveries hurt sales?

The answer is: quite the opposite.

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday in 2010, florists had a rare opportunity to turn Valentine’s Day into a 3-day sales weekend, making deliveries starting on Friday at people’s offices and at their homes over the weekend.  The extra time means increased sales, and the duty of seeing every arrangement to its destination falls to an army of delivery drivers.

Steve Kavanaugh, co-owner of Norfolk Florist and Gifts, said that his shop expected more than 1,000 orders on the Friday prior to Valentines day and almost as many on Saturday.  By comparison, an average day at his shop totals about 150 orders.  The small business even rented extra vans to deal with the increased load.

Every fleet has its own busy season.  Is there a holiday that stretches your resources to the max?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Photo courtesy of Spoungeworthy Redux under the Creative Commons License.