Software to Blame for Prius Brake Issues

Feb 08, 2010

In the wake of a recall affecting vehicles with faulty accelerators, Toyota now has another problem with faulty brake systems on the 2010 Prius.

Toyota issued a statement claiming that brake problems affecting the company’s flagship hybrid were due to a software issue with onboard computers.  The vehicle’s braking software was updated to fix problems in January, but no steps have been taken yet to address the issue in vehicles manufactured before then.

“We would want to be given a little time,” said Hiro Yuki Yokoyama, Toyota’s managing officer, when reporters asked whether a recall was in the works.

Toyota says that the issue is due to a “disconnect” in the complex electronic anti-lock braking system that causes a delay of less than one second.  However, this causes problems at high speeds, as a vehicle traveling at 60 mph would take 90 feet to begin braking.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is preparing to launch a full investigation of the issue.

“Toyota will cooperate fully with NHTSA’s investigation,” the company said in a statement.

Photo courtesy of joelCgarcia under the Creative Commons License.