Chrysler Adopts Fuel Efficiency Gauge

Feb 08, 2010

We talk a lot about how you can reduce your fleet’s impact on the environment.  Now there’s a new product that can help you remind drivers of their efficiency:

Auto Meter Products Inc.’s OBD-II fuel efficiency gauge, Ecometer, has been tested, validated and launched as a Mopar Accessory at all Chrysler dealerships nationwide.  

Ecometer is a fuel-consumption gauge that lets vehicle operators visually monitor how their driving style impacts their vehicle’s fuel economy performance. Ecometer can assist motorists in changing driving habits to reduce fuel consumption, minimize fuel expenditures and reduce CO emissions. 

Ecometer displays real-time fuel consumption (in mpg) on both an easy-to-read digital display and an always-on fuel efficiency eco-graph that’s color coded in green (efficient), yellow and red (inefficient). The instrument offers multiple monitoring modes, including instantaneous mpg, average mpg, engine RPM, and both real-time and peak vehicle speed monitoring functions. 

The unit takes less than one minute to install, with no tools or drilling required. Optional permanent mounting hardware is included with each unit. 

Photo courtesy of chego101 under the Creative Commons License.