Ford Fleet Sales Double for 2010

Feb 04, 2010

For the month of January, Ford sales to fleet customers were up 154 percent, more than doubling last January’s depressed levels, when most fleet owners deferred vehicle purchases due to the credit crunch and uncertain business and economic conditions, according to the automaker.

Ford posted gains in every fleet market – commercial, government, and rental. On an annual basis, a majority of Ford’s fleet sales are to commercial and government customers where the Ford F-Series truck and Econoline van have long been top sellers.  In addition, the Fusion, Taurus, and Escape are also among the commonly selected vehicles for fleet customers.      

Overall, Ford experienced higher sales for every brand and in every product category, with a 24 percent sales increase in January versus a year ago. 

Ford cars were up 43 percent, crossovers were up 20 percent, sport utilities were up 8 percent, and trucks and vans were up 14 percent.  Among brands, Ford sales were up 26 percent, Lincoln sales were up 16 percent and Mercury sales were up 6 percent.

“Resale value is a key indicator of brand health and an important contributor to the total value equation,” said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing Sales and Service. “Fleet managers monitor vehicle operating costs very carefully.  They are giving Ford more consideration because of our improving resale values.”

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Photo courtesy of chrisdlugosz under the Creative Commons License.