School Bus Training Course Keeps Drivers Sharp

Jan 06, 2010

In an effort to reinforce on-the-job skills and improve the safety records of its bus drivers, the Hartford Country (Md.) Public Schools transportation department has constructed a summer training course for the past four years in the parking lot of a local stadium.

The course tests the driving skills of over six hundred drivers over two tightly-scheduled days.  Work barrels, cones, signs and barricades are donated by the Maryland State Highway Administration to simulate real-world road conditions like construction zones and railroad crossings.  Drivers review their training manuals prior to driving the course, and take road tests for thirteen different skills that include routine bus stops, emergency stops, docking and distance judgment.

Hartford County Public Schools transport thirty-four thousand students on four hundred eighty-six buses every day.  With programs like the summer training course, parents can rest a little easier knowing that their children are in the hands of fully capable drivers.

Photo courtesy of 100wordminimum under the Creative Commons License.